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Italian Food Distribution

Who area we?

We are a network that brings together Italian transport companies qualified into packaged food


We organize the handling of Food & Beverage goods
We have  a control room in Piacenza (Polo Logistico Le Mose) and  a hub in Bologna (Interporto).


We are inspired by collaborative logistics: we share processes between companies in the same supply chain for the distribution of goods.


We work in a network, united by the same objective.


We respect temperatures at every stage of transport.


We cover great distances in a very short time.


We monitor vehicles and goods on the go.

A great set as Italy

We bring together transport companies qualified into food products and provide tools to collaborate and distribute throughout Italy, from the large package to the pallet. We have a Central Hub located in Piacenza, inside Le Mose the logistic hub, and local pick-points, places where the goods arrive and from where distribution starts throughout Italy.

We are dynamics, well organized, and constantly evolving

Thanks to a type of organization on a regional scale, we can cover great distances in a very short time. We guarantee safe and respectful transport because we entrust your fresh goods in the hands of professionals: our affiliates, companies specialized in this type of transport that requires care, respect for the stages, and reliability.

What kind of goods do we deliver? Food products. Dry food, fresh and packaged.

We mean food products whose transport takes place at a temperature between 0 and + 4 º C. It is a commodity that needs constant temperature control at every stage of transport: a simple thermal shock, in fact, could undermine the quality of the product!

We mean fresh food products that are not in bulk, products that meet the HACCP food safety standards. We ensure the correct storage of these products in every step, for short and long journeys.

In general, we talk about refrigerated products, as long as they are packaged. So: milk and dairy, cheese, cold cuts, cold cuts, fresh pasta, piadine, loaves for pizza, meat, polenta, fruit, vegetables, creams for condiments, yogurt… But also: We cover the entire Food & Beverage sector, which includes dry goods, wines, oils, and any other products.

We are an established reality: we have a structure and an experience that can guarantee efficient service. We think we are the perfect solution for those who produce fresh and packaged food and want to start the distribution of their product throughout Italy. 

We are also suitable for small and medium-sized companies.