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For Food & Beverage producers

Food distribution requires constant temperature control in every stage of transport, as even a simple thermal shock could undermine the quality of the product.
In Italy there are numerous food manufacturers interested in distributing their products: DIF is what you are looking for!

Do you produce fresh or dried foods?
Do you need to distribute your product at a controlled temperature?

With us, your goods are safe

We distribute any type of food product at room temperature and controlled temperature. In particular, we specialize in the transport of fresh food and are experts in the distribution of temperature-controlled goods!

What kind of fresh food?

From package to pallet: we distribute fresh foods (temperature between 0 and 4 °C) and packaged foods (not loose).

In general, we distribute all refrigerated products as long as they are packaged. Therefore: milk and dairy products, cheeses, cold cuts, cured meats, fresh pasta, wraps, pizza bases, meat, polenta, fruit, vegetables, creams for dressings, yoghurt, etc.

For information and queries, write to us at or call us on +39 05231734538.