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Collaboration, sharing and respect

We operate according to the principles of collaborative logistics. We believe:

Cooperation among food transport operators: our affiliates, transport companies that have chosen DIF to help them grow in Italy.

Sharing of tools – vehicles and logistics platforms – useful for the purpose of delivering the product to its destination as guaranteed and on time.

Respect among everyone involved: between affiliates, between us and our affiliates. Respect for the goods handled, for the set times, for the end consumer.

All united by a common goal: to deliver the goods to their destination

Affiliates who want to introduce goods to the network are required to label them according to simple rules: these labels facilitate ventilation and forwarding. Using our transport billing method makes loads easier to manage and trace.

We make work easier for ourselves and for our affiliates.

To facilitate the sharing of information, we use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology which supports the exchange of data between the affiliate’s management system and our management system. The perfect way to improve business processes and optimize work for everyone.

Reporting has been simplified

The dif network employs an ERP systen to manage the distribution and placement of goods entrusted to the network.

The goods’ operational/managerial and control phases are managed as follows:

Operational part

Approximately 500 executive commands for the phases of billing, withdrawals, return management, epal management, shipment insertion and event management, CRMs, borderau creation and management. In general, all stages of shipment distribution and entry.

Control part

Approximately 1000 commands are useful to the network and its affiliates in responding to all requests and anticipating critical issues.

We provide you with the tools to manage and distribute goods throughout Italy.

Constant support!

You can count on DIF

From the first use of the software, to the management of loads, how to access the hub, right up to the procedures for delivering the goods to the customer. Quite simply, we are always here!

Small fleet?

With DIF, it grows!

With DIF, even the smallest transport company increases its distribution capacity. With our network you can finally deliver to previously unreachable areas.


therefore growth

We specialize in temperature-controlled distribution and share all our industry knowledge with our affiliates. Everyone who has joined our network can vouch for us: with DIF, you grow!

A dense distribution network: extensive, well-organised, efficient.

At the DIF collection points

In some Italian regions, there are DIF collection points: these are platforms into which the goods from that particular area flow before being forwarded to the hubs in Piacenza, Bologna and Caserta.

Near Piacenza, Bologna and Caserta

We have a hub in Piacenza at the Le Mose Logistics Hub (5,000 m2 for dry goods and 4,000 m2 for fresh produce). All the goods coming from the various DIF collection points flow into here before being distributed via our extended network throughout Italy. In October 2021, we also opened a new hub at Block 8.1 of the Bologna Interport, where we have 7,000 m2 for dry goods and 3,000 m2 for fresh produce. Finally Caserta with 17,000 m2 dedicated to foodstuffs.