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Collaboration, Sharing, and Respect

We work according to the collaborative logistic beliefs’. We believe:

Cooperation between the main characters of the fresh chain: our affiliates, transport companies that have chosen DIF to grow in Italy.

Sharing of tools – vehicles and logistic platforms – useful for the purpose: to bring the product to its destination in the established times, in the guaranteed ways.

Respect between affiliates. Respect between us and affiliates. The respect of the goods handled, of the fixed times, of the final consumer.

Together for one goal: bring goods until the destination

The affiliate that wants to put the goods within the network has the duty to label it following simple rules: these are labels that facilitate the activity of ventilation and relaunch. Joining our bill mode makes loads more manageable and easily trackable.

We improve our work and the affiliate one.

To facilitate the sharing of information, we use the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology that facilitates the interchange between the data of the affiliate’s management system and our management system.
The perfect way to improve operational processes and optimize everyone’s work.
We make available for you the tools to manage and distribute goods throughout Italy.

We provide you with the tools you need to manage and distribute goods throughout Italy.

Always with you!

DIF Support

From the first use of the software to the management of the loads, from the modalities of access to the hub up to the procedures to observe when the goods are delivered to the customer. In short: we are always there!

Small Fleet? 

DIF makes it bigger

DIF increases the distribution capacity of even the smallest transport company: thanks to the network it will finally be able to deliver in areas previously unattainable.

With Knowledge,

comes to the development

We are qualified in temperature-controlled distribution and provide our affiliate with all our industry knowledge. Those who are part of the network know it: with DIF you increase!

A huge distribution network: meticulous, organization, efficiency.


Local pick-up points are placed in some Italian regions, platforms where local goods are located, and then it is sent to the central hub of Piacenza.

Piacenza and Bologna

We have a logistics center in Piacenza called Le Mose ( 9,000 square meters for dry goods and 3,500 square meters for fresh). All goods arriving from the various DIF collection points congregate here, and from there, widespread distribution throughout the national territory begins. Beginning in October 2021, we will also open a new hub near the Bologna Interporto, Block 8.1, with 7.000 mq dedicated to dry goods and 3.000 mq dedicated to fresh goods.