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Italian Food Distribution


We are a network that brings together Italian companies specialized in the transport of packaged foods.


We manage and move Food & Beverage products. We have a logistics centre in Piacenza (Le Mose Logistics Centre), a hub in Bologna (Freight Village) and Caserta.


We believe in collaborative logistics: we share distribution processes between companies in the same production chain.


We work as a network, united by the same goal.


We guarantee an uninterrupted cold chain in all stages of transport.


We cover great distances in a very short time.


We monitor vehicles and goods in transit.

A set that covers the whole of Italy

We are the director of a Food & Beverage distribution network. We bring together Italian companies specialized in the transport of foodstuff and provide them with the tools for successful collaboration and distribution throughout Italy, from package to pallet. We have a central hub in Piacenza at the Le Mose Logistics Centre, a hub in the Bologna Freight Village, and Caserta and local collection points in which goods arrive in preparation for distribution throughout Italy.

We are dynamic, well-organized and constantly evolving.

Thanks to our regional-scale organization, we can cover large distances in a very short time. We guarantee safe and compliant transport because we entrust your goods to professionals: our affiliates are all companies specialized in food logistics, which requires care, compliance in all stages and reliability.

Distribution “made in DIF”

The food world has 3 key players: producer, distributor, and consumer.
As a distributor we protect food & beverage production through 3 “made in DIF” focuses:

YES to temperature control

For foodstuffs liable to alteration of the original and distinctive organoleptic characteristics, even when not provided for in the ATP. We voluntarily adhere to the recommendations for the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive foodstuffs compiled by the Technical Scientific Committee of the OITAF (International Organization for Transportation by Rope) in a Scientific Paper in which we participated in drafting the guidelines.

NO to combined loads

This is common practice in logistics where there is a tendency to combine food products and non-food goods with a consequent risk of contamination. In the interests of the producer and the consumer, our vehicles only transport foodstuffs that never come into contact with other goods.

MORE transparent logistical steps

Thanks to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology, all information produced in the supply chain is highly visible and easy to understand. We support the need to make all steps in the supply chain transparent, crucial information to assure the consumer that the product is safe and genuine.


Fresh food means food products that need to be stored at a temperature between 0 and 4 °C. Transporting fresh food requires constant temperature control at every stage; a simple sudden change in temperature could undermine the quality of the product!

Packaged food is fresh food products that are not loose; products that comply with the food safety standards established by the HACCP system. We ensure the correct conservation of these products at every stage of their journey, both long and short.

In general, we are talking about refrigerated products that come in a package. Therefore: milk and dairy products, cheeses, cold cuts, cured meats, fresh pasta, wraps, pizza bases, meat, polenta, fruit, vegetables, creams for condiments, yoghurt, etc. But that’s not all: we operate within the whole Food & Beverage sector, therefore also dry goods , wines, oils and any type of food product.

We are a consolidated business: our organization and experience are a guarantee of efficient service. We firmly believe we are the perfect solution for producers of fresh and packaged foods who are looking to distribute their products throughout Italy. But there is more: we are also ideal for small and medium-sized transport companies interested in growing in Italy.